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Thread: International Cricket 2010 error 80010009 help?

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    imrock Guest

    International Cricket 2010 error 80010009 help?


    I had this game (international cricket 2010) last year and i played on my 3.41 hermes dongle and it worked like a charm but after upgrading to 3.55 kmeaw firmware, its giving me error 80010009 cannot.

    I have tried fix permissions and other games are working fine, i have tried internal/external and with disc, nothing works, I just want my cricket game to work


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Delete all previous game data and then run the game again.

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    imrock Guest
    Did that too, didn't help

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Did you replace the original Eboot.bin file with a modified one whilst on 3.41? If you did you need to replace it with the original one again.

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    imrock Guest
    I really don't remember, i don't think there was a need for a modified eboot for this game as it was meant for 3.30 firmware, i tried searching for original eboots but none had this game's eboot, should i just re-download the game??

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If it was 3.30 FW then there was no need for a modified Eboot.bin file. I would try playing it from the internal drive first, if that doesn't work you can then try out a new "copy" of the game.

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    imrock Guest
    did that, didn't help, even tried using multiman's file manager n direct boot through eboot but still no luck

    Will download a "new" copy then!!

    Thanks a lot for the quick replies and suggestions mod!!

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