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    [Answered] Internal PS3 HDD as External help?

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    Just a quick one. Would it be possible to use my old original internal 60gb hdd from my PS3 as an external hdd to save my game backups that are over the 4gb fat32 limit? e.g Medal of Honor. Instead of having to save them on my now 300gb internal hdd? which is seriously running out of space!

    Cheers for reading
    Best Answer - Posted by barrybarryk:

    no the ps3 won't read it if it's connected to a usb port and not formatted to fat32.

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    You can format it but you can only format it in FAT32, you'd still have the file size limit. You can get things over 4gb on it splitting the big files up into 4gb pieces but you wouldn't be able to play them from the external drive.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. No i dont mean format the original hdd. I ment keep it the way it is i.e straight out of the ps3. So it'll be an origanal external hdd.

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    if it has a usb connecter, i think you can.

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    No you wont be able to.. As the backup managers would not detect it if its not fat32.. The internal hdd is connected to the motherboard which makes then identifiable by the backup managers... Through usb you wont be able to do that.. But its worth a shot, try it out and post what the result it.. Hope i helped.. Rep me if i did..

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    no the ps3 won't read it if it's connected to a usb port and not formatted to fat32.

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    lol... Me and barry posted at exactly the same time.. Was just a matter of seconds..

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    yeah but i was right


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