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    plutomic Guest
    cool.. i may buy one.. but it says it doesnt fit the slim ps3. I might just buy a sata cable and just have the hdd sitting beside the ps3 instead of buying that expensive enclosure.

    oh nvm.. i see how the product works... too bad it doesn't fit a slim =/

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    TechGeek990 Guest
    You won't have to update your firmware but you may need to reinstall your current firmware. Also the PS3 won't detect the full 2TB of space on that HDD it will only detect up to 1TB of space so you would have 1TB of wasted space

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    plutomic Guest
    I just got my 1 TB HDD in the mail.. How exactly would i use it?

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    Krisdog Guest

    Exclamation My 2 cents

    You will use the extender as any other ext. device. You will need to connect sata connectors then the ps3 will run it as o open drive so formatting is a waste of time, ps3 will format when you boot up with new drive.

    You will need to flash 3.41 update when prompted to, just use the same file you used to update before. insert flash "select & start" simultaneously, and you're in business. FW is stored but you must flash it when it ask upon initial boot with new drive.

    The power drawn from the 2Tb will be a issue not to mention ps3's lack of recognizing the other 1TB (as mentioned by another poster). There are NO 1Tb 2.5 int sata drives. So Sony never anticipated that we would be adding such large amounts of HD space. Watch your power supply!!

    You're ps3 may start trying to work too hard and power failure is next. A el cheapo volt meter from wal-mart may just save your system and hard work. Just hold the device over the power cable. If its fluctuating a lot then that is your first red flag of failure... after all the 250gb int. takes 12v to operate.

    I've done this set up so I hope it helps, GOOD LUCK.

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    plutomic Guest
    ok.. but my external hard drive only has a ubs and a power port. I don't see a sata port on it... Unless the usb IS the sata port.

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Krisdog View Post
    There are NO 1Tb 2.5 int sata drives. So Sony never anticipated that we would be adding such large amounts of HD space.
    Meet the WD 1TB blue: wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?driveid=685

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    bitsbubba Guest
    this drive is too tall to fit into the PS3 fat or slim, you would still need an external patch cable (*TPVT models are 12.5 mm high and may not be compatible with all notebook systems. Consult system specifications for maximum allowable drive height before attempting to install.)

    and yes 1TB is the highest capacity for an internal, 750GB is the highest capacity that will physically fit internally (except for SSD's of course)

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    plutomic Guest
    so is there one that fits the slim? Also... The external HDD i ordered is inside a hard plastic case..

    The only ports I have are: USB and a Power supply... How am I supposed to plug a sata into it?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    I think there is an adapter from usb to sata but what you have there right now is an external usb HDD which without the adapter would have to be formatted to fat32 for external use.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Okay so there are 1tb 2.5 HD. That's great. I was aware they were out there, but could not find them at the time of my purchase. That's PC life = New today old tomorrow

    Yeah if those are all you have for connection, you will need to buy some adaptors from usb to sata, those are common.

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