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    szafran Guest

    Question Internal and external HDD for PS3 help?


    I want to upgrade my PS3's HDD. Current config: [INT] 250GB; [EXT] 500GB. And I wan't it to be: [INT] 1TB; [EXT] 2TB.

    My Question is: will this work ? I have a slim.

    Thanks for any help.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    there are currently no 1TB 2.5" drives that'll fit inside the ps3's drive bay but you can use an extension and just use a drive outside of the ps3 as an internal drive (the largest drive I've seen that'll actually fit inside the ps3 is 750GB) as for the 2TB external there's no reason that won't work.

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    enotsleachim Guest
    you can fit a tb internal but you must either cancel the metal casing that goes on hdd to slide in properly or hammer the 4 raised tabs in the casing down.

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