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Thread: internal or external hdd.. which one is better?

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    datrace757 Guest

    internal or external hdd.. which one is better?

    I been doing a lot of looking around and someone brought to my attention... that instead of buying a external i'm better off buying a internal hdd... has anyone brought one for the ps3 and installed if so how does it work for you? I was told when backing up some games that there files exceed the limit compared to the external like they have to be in the 4gb range.

    If not you have to use the splitter... and he deff has a good point it would seem a lot easier that way... and for the people who have external hdd rite now how is everything going for you with your backups? So shuld I buy a internal or external?? Hope some one can shed a little light for me about this.

    Ooo yea my ps3 is fat and only 20gb.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    start with int, 750GB 2.5 sata will fit perfectly, then later do ext IMHO.

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    I'm closing this thread now, as this section isn't intended for "poll" topics like this... only specific question/answer ones.

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