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Thread: Interest in an internal solderless modchip?

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    jimmypopali69 Guest

    Interest in an internal solderless modchip?

    I just got done proto typing an internal solderless modchip that does the following(fat only not sure of the internals on the slims):

    Boot in modchip mode by pressing power, or boot into normal mode by hitting eject. In modchip mode it disconnects power to the motherboard, waits 2 seconds, then reapplies power and hits power then eject to reliably boot into modchip mode, (50 tries out of 50), while doing this it disconnects the front USB ports, and after the modchip is complete in dropping payload it reconnects front USB ports and turns the modchip into an IR to PS2 emulator(for bluray movie playing)

    The last thing I am working on is a mode where you push both power and eject and it turns the first front USB port into a programming port. (trickier)

    The PCB layout right now for 3 boards, 1 that goes over the capacitive sensors and another that fits over the USB port traces and the last one sits outside the console on the front (fed through a small vent hole) for the IR sensor.

    So, my question is, what would be the interest in this? Are there any other features I am missing?

    Also since the chip is always powered, there is the possibility for an IR code to turn on the console.

    Would anyone be interested in serial control? (for fancy remotes RTI,Control4, AMX Crestron, ETC)


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    reddevil2064 Guest
    I could see some interest if the jailbreak scene has any breakthroughs that allow for future firmwares to be hacked/jailbroken. As of now I personally am content with using my iPod for attack. If this were to change I would be interested in an internal, permanent, always on, reprogrammable solution.

    Great idea, hope that if you go forward with it you are successful.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Sounds pretty smart and useful, do it.

    Just remember most people are really cheap, and the adoption of these devices is probably a lot lower now since people are also very impatient, and went and bought every microprocessor from every site at some point... the market is much smaller is what I'm trying to say.

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    phancao Guest
    I think the interest would depend greatly on how easy it would be to install and the look of the console after installing the chip.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    not to keen on the outside board, I think the purpose of this (or so it sounds) is to make the PS3 look as if it's not JB

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    FireSokar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    not to keen on the outside board, I think the purpose of this (or so it sounds) is to make the PS3 look as if it's not JB
    The purpose would be to simplify the power on/off. I like the idea however since it would void warranty I would not see a huge market. This /may/ be better suited for open source then an end product. This is what i want, however wouldn't pay for it since i can make an 18F product and press the buttons myself.

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