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Thread: Insufficient space - Motorstorm PR help?

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    jamzen Guest

    Insufficient space - Motorstorm PR help?

    Hey Guys, I tried Motorstorm Pacific Rift.. and modified the Eboot etc.

    But when i launch the game, it says: "there is insufficient space on the HDD. The game requires 52MB minimum. Please free som space on the HDD and restart the game."

    I can see the game loading in the background with intromovie etc. - so i know its not a path issue.

    Thing is.. I have about 40GB free.. it seems like there is a glitch in the Rachet and Klank game where you get the same error.. solutions to this have reported to be just to Remove about 500MB or download a small demo about 500MB..

    I tried that.. - didn't work.. I am running 3.55jb.. FAT 80GB.

    SO.. My question is.. Does anyone know how to resolve this? - or an idea?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Boot into recovery mode and rebuild the database, also check for corrupt files if that doesn't work but it should.

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    jamzen Guest
    thanks for replying.. unfortunately.. rebuilding the databse didnt work..

    check for corrupt files? - how?..

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    zeromx Guest
    When you boot into the game from your choice of BM, try without a disc inside the console and then try again with a disc inside the console. I had a similar issue with the Fallout: New Vegas.

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    jamzen Guest
    I am not using a BM.. i am using .pkg's and direct booting from xmb.

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