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    Installing software on PS3 HDD from PC help?

    If you can format a ps3 hard drive on a pc, can you install the ps3 software on that hdd with the pc also?

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    No you can't install anything to a Ps3 HDD at all you can't read it on PC. The keys to unlock it are know but no one has written a tool or win driver yet.

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    You can if you have your eeid key and generate your ata/endec keys

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    and code a program or driver

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    eeid key and ata/endec keys, explain to me roughly please, what these are and how they are obtained or generated?

    Just out of curiosity.

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    i think it wouldn't be worth the effort. just stick to installing ps3 software on your ps3

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    If you insist. For now. Thanks

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