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    xpa12 Guest

    Installing PSN decrypted pkg on JB 3.41 help?

    Hi there, I recently downloaded PSN titles Final Fantasy 8 and 9 on my 3.55 console, I then ran Blackbox FTP and transfered the .pkg files before they were installed on the console.

    So now I have the retail and presumably encrypted .pkg for each game. I ran Mathieulh's PSP_PS3_PKG_Decrypter_Extractor_v. and decrypted and unpacked the .pkg which gave me a folder with USRDIR and param.sfo plus some images. Inside the USDIR folder is a EBOOT.PBP file, which i am familiar with on the psp to some extent, but i find no information on re-packaging it for JB 3.41 only EBOOT.BIN

    My aim here is to install this on my jailbreak 3.41 console without downloading it on that particular console (obviously since it cannot connect to PSN) Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how I would do this?

    Any Help would be much appreciated. Ok so I FTP'd the pkg's to my 3.41 console back to the directory I pulled them from on the 3.55 console. After a re-boot they apeared in the XMB and installed fine.

    I'd still like to know if its possible to re-package the decrypted files so i can install the pkg from usb stick, I get error message when i tried to install through 3.41 jailbreak 'install package files' option.

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    Copy the contents of the games from your 3.55 to your pc using FTP.Then sign and pack using one of the mant tools available, i.e Auto_Mod_Tool.

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    xpa12 Guest
    Thanks for the reply. I already tried doing this, but with the file extension being .PBP and not .BIN it does not recognise the file. I'm guessing its not as simple as just re-naming it to .BIN?

    Also as a side note the retail .pkg i installed on my 3.41 console is saying i need to authorise the console by signing into PSN, which i obviously cannot do. So it installed but I can't play it!

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