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    zael91 Guest

    Installing pkg files over 4gb from PS3 hdd help?

    hey guys, i downloaded the doa psn pkg and had it split, when i transferred it over from my usb to ps3 hdd, the pkg joined as per normal. the weird thing is though, when i exited to the main menu and i went to package manager on the ps3 hdd and there was nothing there besides rebug toolbar.

    i tried using mm and select the pkg files to install but it does not show up on the menu after i selected it. i am guessing its because i'm on rebug firmware. does anyone know how to install the pkg file properly?

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    windrider42 Guest
    If you have the File in question splitted. Put it all in one folder and name that folder whatever you want.

    Use mmOS Filemanager and copy the Folder to dev_hdd0: packages from USB

    Once copied the file should be joined into a single file. Then execute it and return to XMB and install it.

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    zael91 Guest
    i dont know what i did but i deleted it and joined it back again and it showed. thanks though

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