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Thread: Installing hermes payload on original PSJailbreak?

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    Mastergannel Guest

    Installing hermes payload on original PSJailbreak?

    Installing hermes payload on original PSJailbreak possible? My questions are:

    1) Can I in any way, install the hermes payload to the original PSJailbreak dongle?
    2) If not, I can get a AT90USB162 board or the PS3Break?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I've been searching this forum for the better part of 2 days and haven't found the answer, but I'm thinking that should tell me something.

    Anyway, I live in China and I've gotten my hands on the original PSJailbreak, almost immediately after, all this porting of PSGroove and hermes started and then the clones came out.

    The dongle I have works great, but now I want to play Super Street Fighter IV but the controller doesn't work, so I found that I needed the hermes payload to make it work, thus the reason for my 1st question.

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    rypermell Guest
    Same drama here... just bought the original PSjailbreak but both of my ps3 have problems with the blu-ray player, can't start any original game... so hermes payload would be the perfect solution i believe... but it's turning out to be more complicated than i expected... since i can't find a way to use payload on psjailbreak.. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    aamir007 Guest
    If it is flashable then maybe you could depending on what chip it is not really sure but don't think anyone has compiled it so your answer is probably no. You'll have to stick with it but you could buy a dev board such as AT90USB162 which is flashable and someone has already compiled a hex with added hermes payload.

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    Mastergannel Guest
    After more searching and looking around, I've pretty much given up on being able to upgrade the PSjailbreak dongle. I'm probably going to buy a PS3 Break, according to the site it can do everything I want it to do and it's upgradeable.

    Any thoughts on it? Anyone have troubles or success with this one?

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    nadal2008 Guest
    The best way for you is

    1- buy 1 of the boards that has the programable ATMEL chip and use the compatible HEX file to flash.
    2- Use latest Open Manager.

    That way you dont have to depend on any vendor for the update.

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    xtemegamr Guest
    Well i ordered one, and i am facing upgrade issues, i just can't upgrade it v1.1 (which supports no disc option to play games).

    If you are planning to buy one just be sure to get the 50mm Ps3 break, as that is updatable. Mine is 59.50mm

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