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Thread: Installing hermes 4vb help?

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    DADDYFU91862 Guest

    Installing hermes 4vb help?

    Whew! I've learned A LOT in these past few hours... gotta go to bed soon (work tomorrow ya' know).

    Now that I've learned that ya gotta change your external HDD to a Fat32 and that the game images should be placed in a Gamez folder, I'm trying to install hermes 4vb but don't know the folder name to place it in.

    Could anyone please help me on how to install "hermes 4vb" on my PS3 that is JailBreak enabled?

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    wilpac05 Guest
    hermes 4vb is your payload that is on your jailbreak device... since you haven't said what you use to jb I would suggest you read in our fine guide & tutorial section.

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    ps3Grabberoid Guest
    hermes is a payload, like what the guy above me said. but it is not to be kept in and external hdd. the device that you use to jailbreak your ps3 will hold the payload. there are many tutorials for any device on how to make this happen. but once everything is put in place, then you just boot your ps3 w/ you device and you will have the payload install, even hermes 4vb.

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