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    kamenrider Guest

    Installing backup manager v2 help?

    do i need to delete backup manager v1, first? if so, does deleting backup manager, delete the games on the internal disk?

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    aamir007 Guest
    When installing Backup Manager v2 it will ask you whether you want to overwrite the previous version chose yes and it'll install the new one and delete the old one. I believe the games do not delete and will stay there ready to use in the new backup manager.

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    farenheit Guest
    If your original backup manager is referenced to save your games in game\LAUN12345\GAMEZ as in the original backup manager then yes, removing it will remove your games as it will remove that directory.

    Your better off installing a backup manager where the games are installed in game\<name of your folder here>. Look in the thread entitled Backup Manager 2 as PSex submitted 3 versions that install in this directory, 1 uses a disk the second uses the ps3eboot menu and the 3rd without a disk.

    As for your first question it really depends on the version you are trying to install as there are a few around that install in different directories.

    Your best bet is to ftp over the GAMEZ directory to your PC and install a version that does not use the games directory and than ftp them back. That way you can install a later version or remove the existing version without having to worry about losing your games.

    Hope that clears it up for you

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    genius312 Guest
    I installed Bioshock 2 from my USB HD with Backup manager1. When I deleted that version and installed the new Backup manger, the game was still in my drive but I had to re-install it !

    So no the games won't be deleted, but your saves and installation might be !

    I'll read a thread talking about backup manager when the time will come because I would like to have all my game on the local drive and use a save and installation also on that local drive !

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