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    installation firmware 3.41 can't complete help?

    hello all,i'm still newbie here... please help me with my problem. i have swapped my ps3 harddisk to a new 250gb harddisk, when system try to format it, it stopped at about 60% and i turn off my ps3 and then try turn on again, it's not continue the formatting but update the system and then stopped again at 55%... please help me... (sory for my bad english).

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    sounds like some hardware failure, that will make it stop at different %, try a search and you can probably tell what hardware is messing it up.

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    Is it a new HDD (never used before?). If not, maybe you should try a low level format on a PC. Normally your PS3 should be able to format it by itself, but why not try this?

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    It's also possible that you have the "bad" version of 3.41 that has issues with large HDs. I had the same issue and updating to the correct version of 3.41 solved it. Download 3.41 (Fixed) here:

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    I had the same issue after reusing a hard drive, you best bet it to hook it up to your PC and format it to anything, it doesn't matter, as long as what was on it is gone, (FAT32/NTFS), I too had a bad copy of the 3.41 update, so because I had a PS3Break JB, after that the system reformatted the hard drive, and then re-installed the 3.41 software update.

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