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    golllum Guest

    install a us fw on jap ps3 80 gigs


    i want to change my controls to the us version where the X is the use, not the O. so i thought if i'll change the firmware it'll do that.

    someone experienced that? thx.

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    Apr 2005


    You can install a US Firmware on a JP PS3 console, but it won't change/swap the button layout like older PSP Firmware did.

    PS3 Firmware for all regions is forensically identical, containing the same MD5 hashes and so on... meaning a US Firmware will work on a JP console but it will function the same as well.

    Some related threads I found via search:



    The latter link (hardware mod) is the only way to do it currently- excluding Debug PS3 Consoles which have an "Button Behavior" menu option to swap. In case you wish to read more on Debug to Retail experimentation try:



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    golllum Guest
    there's a downside for these debug versions?

    im currently @ 2.52 but i read about downgrades, the question is if the debug version worth it?

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    Apr 2005

    Red Face

    Quote Originally Posted by golllum View Post
    im currently @ 2.52 but i read about downgrades, the question is if the debug version worth it?
    Not unless you wish to see menus with non-functional options... which is all Debug Firmware on Retail PS3 consoles does at the moment.

    The resident PS3 Devs are currently examing the detection bit flags to (hopefully) change this sometime in the future.

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    golllum Guest
    well, guss i've nothin but wait

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