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    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    I think that you did a great deal. I saw some videos on YouTube and the difference between the HDD and the SSD is really impressive.
    In PC's yes, they make a massive difference, but I've read reviews (and seen the chart that someone posted above) showing that in a PS3, it really inst any better.

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    Yes, i know, but the videos that i saw was all of testing ssd on ps3, i remeber that they tried Metal Gear Solid 4 and other games.

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    For the time being that is good solution. BUT if you really want speed, you'll have to wait a bit.

    When we get NTFS support, we'll be able to do some cool things I'm sure. For example, say you have original 60GB model PS3 (4 USB ports is what I'm getting at) We could create a "raid" system of sorts across 4 250GB Hard-drives ( producing read and write speeds pretty much eliminating load times (especially with games that share information between the "BDROM" and the GAME DATA... I think God Of War is an example... but haven't played)

    I'll just keep dreamin' on!

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    I would love to see RAID some day and with Sandforce SF-2000 SSDs!

    Just as an update I will be posting my findings as a guide or even possibly merge with SwordOfWar's HD guide (as I have asked him if he'd like to just add it to his.)

    So far all I gotta say is the Seagate Momentus XT is going in my laptop. 0 diff between my 160gb 5400rpm 16mb cache HD I had.

    But I got some other good news to share...

    Sorry Correction - 0 diff in transfer of files from Ext Hd. to this new hd.

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