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Thread: Install Retail Package on Debug Console help?

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    jesuskike123 Guest

    Unhappy Install Retail Package on Debug Console help?

    Hi Users of Ps3News i'm new in the forum and i need help, can help me?

    I want to install the new version of ps Home and it gives me error: (80029567) and also install updates to play online games

    Now try to find the links of packages and firmware debug only find old versions...

    Please Help me

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    ps3hen Guest
    If you are looking for debug updates, your best option is to set your ps3 to connect to "sp-int". Updates on that channel will be for debug consoles, but they don't stay available for very long. If you can't get your update that way you'll have to wait until someone who has it archived for their debug console to share it with you.

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