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Thread: Install PSL1ght on cygwin for windows help?

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    Kratoz Guest

    Install PSL1ght on cygwin for windows help?

    hi all, i try install PSL1GHT. FIRST I INSTALL apt-cyg package manager from the cygwin shell WORK NO Problem but then install PSL1GHT dependency give me error

    i think setup.ini deleted from ftp

    can any one help me?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Install Cygwin & PSL1GHT Dependencies

    First, download the Cygwin Setup and install it with default options, except add wget from Web category to the install.

    Next, install apt-cyg package manager from the cygwin shell:

    Type This
    chmod +x apt-cyg
    mv apt-cyg /usr/bin
    Did you follow that part first?

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    Kratoz Guest
    i am install apt-cyg package manager no any problem but it gives me this message

    2013-08-08 08:49:35 (3.06 MB/s) - `.listing' saved [516]
    Removed '.listing'.
    --2013-08-08 08:49:35--
               => `setup.ini'
    ==> CWD not required.
    ==> SIZE setup.ini ... done.
    ==> PASV ... done.    ==> RETR setup.ini ...
    No such file `setup.ini'.
    Error updating setup.ini, reverting
    Installing autoconf
    Package autoconf not found or ambiguous name, exiting
    anyone help me?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Could be permissions error on Windows 7. Or what operating system are using?

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    Kratoz Guest
    I am using Windows 8 64-bit

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yeah not sure about on Windows 8 at all.

    I know there are precompiled linux images with pslight that you can run in a virtual machine. Maybe thats better option.

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