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    Question install PS3 games

    why need to install games into ps3?

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    Simple, it speeds up loading times. Letting the PS3 access data off the internal hard drive is much faster than accessing it from BD-ROM.

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    can a ps3 game install to extern hdd? what games are to install?


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    we had the same thread 1 day ago -.-

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    ADMIN this thread should be moved to PS3 HDD forum

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    The PS3's Blu-ray drive is notoriously slow, so in order to keep load times under several minutes, they have to dump frequently read data to the hard drive. The key here (and difference between last-gen) is that unlike xbox, the process isn't invisible as you have to wait for the install and micromanage your freespace. Unlike PS2, it isn't optional either. Games won't run if you don't install and games that don't have the install preprogrammed, won't let you. And no, you can't install to an external.

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    Red Face

    Quote Originally Posted by wicked insanity View Post
    ADMIN this thread should be moved to PS3 HDD forum
    Nah, it's far too simplistic and generic to put it in a section where we archive and the posts count.

    Look at the first post alone:
    Title: install PS3 games

    Content: why need to install games into ps3?

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    I think the reason for intsalling the games to the hdd is due to the fact that so much data is cramed onto the disk that if you played it off there it would see lag issues during reading of the disks so if it is on the hdd, the read is therefore faster and you get cleaner gameplay because of it.

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    some games give you the option to install game data... like genji, ninja gaiden and gundam crossfire....

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    the problem is because of the size of the tracks on the BD-rom that its hard to keep a constant speed to read the files from it.. so they made it in stall to the hard drive.

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