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    intrudermod Guest

    Install pkg files?

    Would this method work to install the dynamic themes and the other pkg files available in the PSN links menu? Is there any other method to install pkg files or impossible now?

    1. Download and Install PS3 Proxy Server. Select PS3 and start the server.
    2. On the PlayStation 3, change your Internet Settings to use the Proxy Server. The Address will be the IP address of the PC running the Proxy Server and the port will be 8080.
    3. On the Replace Files tab, click on the left empty box paste one of the following URL to redirect the [email protected] Download Link.

    US: http://dus01.ps3.download.playstatio...us/fah/fah.pkg
    EUR: http://deu01.ps3.download.playstatio...eu/fah/fah.pkg
    ASIA: http://djp01.ps3.download.playstatio...eu/fah/fah.pkg

    4. On the right empty box put in the URL to the PKG you want to download from the PC and install.
    5. On the PS3, click on the [email protected] link under [Network] to download the PKG package.
    6. If all goes well, the file size should reflect the size of the PKG file. Once download is complete, the PKG will automatically install.


    Not all PKG files will work. This method is know to work on all firmware versions that have the [email protected] icon. File types other thank PKG file cannot be used by this method. If you try to download a video or music file using this method, you will get an installation error.

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    Apr 2005


    Yea, that just looks like an old guide copied and pasted here... it won't work these days as Sony blocked it.

    See here for more details: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-on...tml#post259233

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