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    NTA Guest

    Infinite Setting Permissions Time help?

    I tried to put Disgaea 3 on the hdd a few days ago and after the transfer finished, It didn't seem to load from multiman. I thought I may have just missed some files or something. I burned to disc and it worked fine. I put it on ps3 hdd again earlier and it doesn't start. It's either does the setting permissions forever or it just hangs at black screen when I try select + x(not sure what that does). I'm using the BLES-00452 version. Should I delete all the data associated with Disgaea from the ps3?

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    Bartholomy Guest


    Maybe you just need to choose manually, from a computer, the game permission. They are read only maybe. Try and copy again.

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    NTA Guest
    How do I choose the game permissions from a computer? 4 recopies and still nothing. I think the best solution would just be to install the NA version. I only put 15 hours into the game the first day I had it so I guess I'll be fine

    Does anyone know where I can find out what's included in the updates for PS3/PSN games?

    I don't have any external. I've only been using the PS3.

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