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    michael040990 Guest

    Infectus vs Proskeet downgrading 3.70 help?

    Ok I've read lots about the subject and now i'm trying to write a tutorial on specific models such as CECHA01 80GB PHAT 2x128 256 dual nand. i want to know which mod chips are the best in order of price compatibility soldering and speed. i need wiring diagrams for the motherboard and chip maybe solderless.

    files to download and how to use them pictures work great too lots of pictures. i need pros and cons of each chip and level of technical know-how needed. The idea is to start the tutorial from bear scratch and give all basic information needed and advanced going over every aspect from first to last.

    once we put together the tutorial specifically for CECHA01 running 3.70 ofw then i will go and buy the supply's and make a video tutorial and a text based tutorial. i need everyone's help for this because there is just simply to much details to cover for one person. every 2 cents is valuable to the community.

    thank you for your time and effort to help with this tutorial and information finding i will be doing my part in research also thank you.

    also is there a usb dongle or usb flash drives needed if so what ones and why.

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    mushy409 Guest
    There are already guides out for downgrading both NAND & NOR based consoles. Downgrading a phat 3.70 hasn't been tested, and I haven't got a console to test on at the moment. I have managed to downgrade both a 3.61 & 3.66 console using my infectus.

    Best programmer is Progskeet - it's the quickest & easiest to solder compared with the infectus.

    Tbf I think you're better off reading some of the guides as the information you need is already there & easily accessible. Open up a word document & copy/paste all the info you find. Condense it, reword it etc... you have a revised guide.

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    michael040990 Guest
    what are your views on the new e3 reader coming out?

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    elser1 Guest
    i'm new to this sort of technique and flashing nor etc or whatever but i'll be getting 1 as they come out to give it a go.. i think they will be excellent if they do what they are saying they will. i have fat and slim ps3 but ill probably want it mainly for fat so i'll have to check out how much soldering the fats require..

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    michael040990 Guest
    what i am interested in is were does the soldering take place if its on the nand then can we create a clip for it so there is no soldering involved i am interested in mass downgrading.

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    severusx Guest
    It's all over the board, both sides plus a USB port. Take a look at the tutorial: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...on-101429.html

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