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Thread: Infectus ARGON and the PS3

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    parkerparker Guest

    Post Infectus ARGON and the PS3

    Just flicking through the webpages at InFeCtUs wondering if its worthwhile to purchase a Infectus chip for my ps3.

    Something caught my eye and is very interesting...

    It seemed that they were going to release a solution for the PS3 such as even a drive mod or custom firmware. Do the devs here know anything about that? or can or may shed some light on this situation? I know there are many "cracking/hacking/warez" groups... but do devs talk to each other?

    why don't people come together and become 1 for one main goal ---to run custom code. Is money an issue? Is S0ny sueing people an issue?

    If people like cjpc and the other devs here work hard on this, why can't we contribute? i see nowhere on this site to give donations... i would gladly give money for thats all i can contribute.

    What about you guys? Leave your opinion

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    Infectus for PS3 is great if you wish to backup the PS3's flash and restore it... the Devs are still working on a few other things that it could be useful for. Regarding Oscar, he owns HardStore (one of our sponsors) and yes, we all communicate with one another including some release group folks and even other teams we have been in contact with (M33/C&D guys, believe it or not)... and several Infectus guys are good friends with some of our EU PS3 Devs too.

    We posted about this last fall actually, as at the time Oscar's Team (and a Spanish group too) were both hoping to have something ready by X-Mas, but then Oscar ran into production issues (which we also posted on) and ultimately he stopped development due in part to Sony's threats... but moreso because at the time it was plagued with so many issues.

    To my knowledge, the mod never actually ran (played) games through... the farthest they got was what hacked2123 and others did- managed to boot PS3 backups but they would then hang at the intros/menus etc, meaning production issues aside the product itself was non-functional before it ever materialized into a finished product.

    Finally, regarding any type of donations we don't have a place for that... the closest we have is what QJ and other sites have, we offer a Premium membership so users can download without posting and see no ads at all, etc.

    As I mentioned before in the Forum (read my posts HERE) the publically posted PS3 Dev progress is quite neutered and delayed from what is happening.

    Several GREAT things are happening right now, but until those doing the work are ready to share we all have to wait. I'd drop some hints, but then CJPC would get upset with me so it's best to give them time to post their PS3 Dev updates as they feel fit versus 'pressure' them.

    PS: I DO feel all of the resident PS3 Devs could post a bit more in the Dev section so that perhaps others (like yourself) could lend them a hand with things, but it's up to the project leaders what they do and don't share, and for the most part they prefer their closed rooms on IRC for collaboration... maybe we can slowly change this though to a degree with the less sensitive stuff.

    PPS: Most are deathly afraid of Sony, nobody wants to be the 'example' made if something should be released and Sony takes legal action.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Bit short I know but "nicely put" I didn't know what else to put. That certainly sums up the whole PS3 DEV scene; past, present and future.

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    parkerparker Guest
    thanks for the reply made man. i will purchase the premium account... if it helps i will gladly.

    i read also in old news articles about the makers of messiah modchip by sony. only 45,000 pounds at least not millions.

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