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Thread: Infectus 2 on PS3 cok-002 Bad Block help?

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    peterpunkgoose Guest

    Infectus 2 on PS3 cok-002 Bad Block help?

    Hi i have fitted an infectus to my PS3, however when reading flash0 i have a bad block at 118677504 (dec). I have read the flash 3 times and the same block is bad every time.

    I am attempting a downgrade, however i don't want to continue without finding out if i can do anything to correct this.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    severusx Guest
    Check all your solder points. It is most likely not actually reading the NAND and is just failing there. I haven't used an Infectus, but when trying something similar or Xbox 360's that's always the problem.

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    EiKii Guest
    afaik i had 1 bad block to and i fixed my waninbrick, so if you dumped it several times still same its prob ably no problem, talked to dospierda about bad blocks (the founder of the downgrade/waninbrick fix guide) he told me he had 7 bad blocks on both flash0 and flash1, np got up and running anyway.

    i would say go for it probably no problem, i wouldn't mind to much about 1 block of 1024, and the ps3 and flashing apps knows that it can't be used so it wont afaik.

    Good Luck

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