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    muqset101 Guest

    Exclamation Infectus 2 help?


    I recently brought a infectus and i was trying to flash it but my pc is having difficulty. When i put it in the pc it comes up as 'unknown device' which is usual. Then when i try to install the drivers through [computer management > device manager] , i get an error. I used the files from ps3 dev wiki and it is still not installing the drivers. Please help me out.. I need to downgrade a few ps3's


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    spinnito Guest
    the same happens to me, i hope there's someone that can help us!!! please

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    mushy409 Guest
    Check that you have connected the ribbon flex properly to the Infectus. Try removing the cable and fitting it the opposite way round (rotate it 180 degrees) Also, try another USB cable - preferably shorter.

    Also, what OS are you using? You need the programmer software from infectus.biz to start with as this is the original packaged software.

    Muqset - the diagrams and software for downgrading are all available in the tutorial I made in the Tutorial section in a RAR file

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    muqset101 Guest
    i tried all of that and i'm on windows xp... i try to install the driver and the infectus comes up as unknown device so it wont install the driver properly.. when i try to install it says that it is not a good driver as it doesn't match the device..

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