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Thread: Image copy of PS3 Blu-ray game question ?

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    Question Image copy of PS3 Blu-ray game question ?

    I'm sorry if the following sounds too nooby for your standards

    Can someone explain to me why a 1:1 image copy of a Blu-Ray game will not work on the PS3??

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    Wonderkik Guest
    If I remember well, it's because of the "original" discs being pressed and the copy being burned. There are some sectors on the original that can't be read (not too sure about that) and the same sectors can't be written to with a burner on the copy.

    If I am right (and if I'm not, I must be close to it ^^ ) then those sectors of data probably are authentification data. Without those little bits, the Ps3 sees a Data disc, but not a Ps3 disc.

    There are probably other reasons but I am no expert.

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    Hacker93 Guest
    Because the PS3 implemented some hardware protection that cannot bypassed (i think, but i'm not sure about that)

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    Pretikewl Guest
    You guys weren't off at all about it. Check this first:

    About half way down, it describes the method used for the PS3 BD's as well as some others if you were curious.

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