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Thread: If you have psgroove, can i put mkv larger than 4gb on ps3 hard drive?

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    msr Guest

    If you have psgroove, can i put mkv larger than 4gb on ps3 hard drive?

    Can i put a bluray film larger than 4gb somewhere on the internal hard drive, to play in the xmb of ps3.

    If so where would i put the movie file, where would i upload it to in the ftp app for the psgroove?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You can copy file of any size using FTP program from here .. Alhough - no real point of copying MKV to PS3 as it will not play it anyway.

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    msr Guest
    If i use mkv2vob, and make just 1 file. Where on the ps3 would i play that vob > 4gb, to play in xmb?

    Thats what i am asking. If i use mkv2vob, and make just 1 file from blueray mkv.

    Where would i put the file on the ps3 to show up in xmb under videos to play, i.e which directory would i put video files in?

    If you know what i mean.

    Yep i am using ftp program with psgroove.

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    jackdaRIP Guest
    you can do that with tversity, start the server and copy the file over,iv copied 12gb films with no probs at all

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    Cilow Guest
    yes but tversity does not work for everyone. i tried tversity, wmp11 &12.... and the way that helps me out was HFS. Its only for copying files from PC to PS3 via the PS3 Browser. But i would like to know it too.... in wich folder the moviefiles (mp4, mpg etc.) has to been copied. so i can use just only one program instead.

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    ricopico Guest
    if you reencode an mkv to another hd format such as mp4 properly it takes around 3 hours (2 passes, variable bit rate).

    If you use Tversity, it streams it almost instantly. Why?? - Because the quality is poor. What is the point in watching an HD film, if you are going to stream it at this poor quality.

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    jackdaRIP Guest
    read what i wrote i said copy, not stream.

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    iskj3098ias Guest
    Use TsMuxer to remux the .mkv file in a .ts file (takes about 3m, same quality). Copy to PS3 with PMS (PS3 Media Server, get it here

    Done, no hacks required for this.

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