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    BwE Guest

    If i can choose a ps3 firmware, which should i get?

    I'm sending my ps3 away to be repaired for its ylod and they informed me that i do infact have an option to not update my ps3.

    therefore when they repair it and send it back i will have firmware 1.0 or whatever the first one was. seeing as now i'd have full control of what firmware i can get - which should i update to

    there IS a saved list of ps3 updates like there was for the psp scene right? lol

    ANYWAYS what awesome special features/hacks can i get with lower firmwares?

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    Apr 2005
    I don't believe Sony would put a lower PS3 Firmware on it than it currently has (although if they did, there isn't much of an advantage except OtherOS and the ability to use Infectus)... chances are, they will either update it to the latest (their standard procedure) or keep it at its current version at the request of the customer.

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    donnyboy1189 Guest


    I've sent a console off to be repaired before, you have to make sure you tell them not to update it, i lost a console running 1.50 to there "standard procedure" luckily the current fm was 3.15 so i still had the other os feature but i was still pissed. I highly doubt they let you choose a firmware though.

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