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Thread: If I accept game update will it do a system update?

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    74cook Guest

    If I accept game update will it do a system update?

    I'm a newbie to ps3break and so far I have done everything up to as far as using open split. I am still playing around and backing up my games to my external hard drive, I have a few questions.

    1. I am afraid to accept a game update, for example sing star. If I accept will it also do a system update? I'm worried it will upgrade to v3.5 will it do this?

    2. I have backed up f1 2010. When I load it up it says it needs a game update to play. When I accept it says it needs to exit game, it then shuts down and the ps3break turns off. How do I update the back up? Or is does the ps3 need the spoof 3.5 software on it?

    3. when using open split can you confirm what I am doing is correct. I save the game to my ext hard drive fat 32 formatted using open manager. I then put the hard drive onto my laptop and use open split to splitbthe game. Once this is done I put hard drive into USB on ps3 and load game through open manager. Is this correct because it's doing my head in

    4. do you install the spoof the same as open manager via USB stick?

    5. is there a list of games that work with ps3break?

    So many questions I know, any help appreciated

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    barrybarryk Guest
    1. no it'll just update the game.
    2. yes you need the latest payloads to install updates (3.50 spoof)
    3. no after you plug in the HDD to the ps3 you need to copy the game to the PS3 HD to merge the split files again.
    4. no its a payload if you're using a ps3break dongle get their latest firmware from the site.
    5. no its the same as the psjailbreak dongles
    6. maybe next time search the forums before posting the same questions that have been answered a dozen times... twice.

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