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    tolisgreece Guest

    Ideas for re-using another dead PS3?

    Hello people.. I was recently given for free a what-seems-to-be a dead PS3.. it's a 60GB model, it does turn on, and stays on.. chips seem to get warmer.. fan works, hdd seems ok (I'm currently using it in my pc.. heh..) but it has no tv-out.. no matter what I've tried.. different tv's, different cables.. nothing.. unit turns on, hdd led blinks.. and sits there.. doesn't turn off by itself or nothing..

    so .. ideas..

    keep the power supply and make a small and nice looking HTPC ? it has plenty of room for that..

    remove the diode and make a laser pointer? (I know all things about safety hazards etc etc etc)

    I could remove most of the chips from the motherboard and replace the effective one IF it's a damaged chip..

    maybe it's a firmware problem? I've got an eeprom/flash reader/programmer (it's my hobby..) but there doesn't seem to be any parts available to repair the mobo..

    so.. any ideas?

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    jd200 Guest


    hold down the power button to turn it on but dont remove finger, then it will turn it off then do it again this resets everything. then see if it shows up on your tv might of been set to sd tv.

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    tolisgreece Guest
    Well.. I've tried every possible solution around.. different monitors, different cables, both tv outs (hdmi & std)..

    but... I decided to give it a try again today.. and after kicking the unit hard (the mobo actually) it showed something on the tv..

    after playing & fiddling around.. I came to a situation where it would boot.. display the welcome screen, and then a lot of artifacts..

    so now.. I found the chip responsible for the problem (yeap.. its the RSX) and is seems that the problem is kindah similar to the xbox 3LOD .. so.. I'm looking for a hot air soldering station now..

    it seems that my blue laser pointer has to wait (maybe not 'cause I've already removed the diode..)

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