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    Ida Pro disassembling, NPWR calculation and ESFM decryption?

    Hi everyone,

    So this is a multi-angled approach to reach the same goal. After Sony's recent changes that pretty much blocked my approach for tracking trophies for my site, I've given that up and decided to just get trophy sets for the site. I currently use various APIs for this but would like a more direct approach.

    Ideally I would like to learn how to calculate the complete URL to the ESFM file an decrypt it.

    I've messed around with Ida Pro for a couple of months, added PS3 plugins and loaders and decrypted various firmwares with the main goal of disassembling one of the files so I can check out the source and hopefully learn a thing or two.

    Problem is I've never been able to complete the last step. I stumble upon various errors in Ida Pro when trying to run disassemble the elf and I'm about to pull some serious chunks of hair out.

    So my two-part question is a follows:

    1) Does anyone have a definite collection of loaders and plugins for Ida Pro (and what version you recommend using them with)? If someone has already done this and feeling comfy doing it, could you help me out with an already disassembled file perhaps?

    2) If someone already knows how to calculate the NPWR hash and decrypt the ESFM I'm of course willing to just get the solution as well and learn how.

    It's my first thread so feel free to correct me if I've gone about this the wrong way.

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    Hi, I'm newbie in reverse engeneering... (and poor english)

    But with PPCAltivec plugin, PPCJT plugin v0.3 and some IDC scripts I'm able to open decrypted selfs and sprx files. I use native "ELF64 for PowerPC64" loader.


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