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Thread: ICO / Shadow of the Colossus on EXT HDD possible?

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    FernanditoJr Guest

    Confused ICO / Shadow of the Colossus on EXT HDD possible?

    Game: ICO / Shadow of the Colossus
    Question: can I play it on EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE with the 6gb nico.psarc file splitted?

    When I try it to load it I get the 8001006 error.

    Someone said that's how he could play it, so I'm trying to see if it is possible.

    using split4g worked fine for me, after running it i just copied it onto my external drive and loaded it with multiman
    Everyone one else it's doing it on INTERNAL, want to see if it's possible on EXTERNAL.

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    comfaithgenesis Guest
    You can play it on external if you extract the .psarc file but only issue is that shadow becomes around 22GB much bigger once the .psarc is extracted so maybe thats why people play on internal.

    or (do you have bdemu2 installed ? on multiman settings, get the bdemu2 pkg you need this if you want to try play split games in multiman, install it, then you need to change the setting on multiman to hermes in BD-ROM EMULTOR.

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    FernanditoJr Guest
    I tried that first, but kept getting the 80010006 error, so I decided to split it.

    I got multiman 2.00.04 (I know it's not the latest, but the most stable I tried in awhile) and got the bdemu2 pkg for 3.41. I switched the bd-rom emulator to hermes per instructions and fired the game (this time with the split files instead of the extracted ones) and got the same message at launch: 80010006 error.

    I can attest that extracting the .psarc file does not make the game work.

    No matter what, you have to copy the split files to internal if you want to play.

    The only way that I could play ICO was to remove the split files from the game (of course I can't play Shadow), so multiman wouldn't ask me to copy the files and allow me to launch the game...

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