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Thread: I need help with my Ps3 Break

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    xtemegamr Guest

    I need help with my Ps3 Break

    Hey , just now i got Ps3 Break Dongle , i followed the instructions on how to use it , everything seemed OK , even the lights turn green (well Actually straight away turns green , i don't see Red light flash).

    i can see the install package option , but in there is no Files to be installed , i thought they might have given an empty Dongle , so i go to Ps3 break site and download the backup manager file , but now the problem is my PC is not recognizing this USB , I'm using Win XP.

    Please HELP me

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    luix Guest
    you are trying to put the manager.pkg on your dongle, you can't copy files to your ps3 break dongle. just copy the manager.pkg to a usb stick. then turn on your ps3 like mentioned in the instructions. now put in your usb stick with the manager.pkg on it. go to install package and you will see the manager.pkg on your usb stick. install it and you are done.

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    xtemegamr Guest
    Well you know what it's friggin working

    you are awesome DUDE ! Ok got one more Question i installed Manager2.pkg which they say can run without Cd in the hard drive , so does this mean it will work with my Ps3 break v1.0 ??

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    luix Guest
    the manager 1.1 or 2.0 what ever they named it, can run some games (not all) without disc in drive. but i prefer using the good old manager 1.0 with a game in drive, it works like a charme, and i have enough games to put in my drive

    you can use manager 1.1 or 1.0 with ps3 break v 1.0, both should work fine.

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