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Thread: I made PS3 CFW 4.60 and need some help?

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    kaito kid Guest

    I made PS3 CFW 4.60 and need some help?

    hi everyone, I patch some files in ofw 4.60 and I still get an error 8002f281 and I think I forgot something

    this is the file, check the attachment and someone tell me if I miss some thing PLZ

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    hishamage Guest
    are you trying to install this on a ofw 4.60? if yes then this will never work!

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    misiozol Guest
    This code means that your HDD is corrupted , try rebuild database and afterwords restore file system but be ware some of your data my be deleted.

    As well it could mean that file you have created is corrupted/damaged/wrong or your HDD is faulty.

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    kaito kid Guest
    no I try to install in other cfw and 3.55 ofw

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