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Thread: I have a FAT 60gb PS3, advice needed help?

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    Veritas05 Guest

    I have a FAT 60gb PS3, advice needed help?


    I bought a brand new 60gb PS3 in April of 2007, and hardly used it over the years. It currently has 3.14 OFW. There are a couple of recently released games, and a few coming up that I'd like to play. I can't see me taking much advantage of CFW besides playing around with some emulators, but the thought of upgrading to the latest OFW makes me feel like I'd be ruining a perfectly good PS3.

    If I were to install CFW, could I still play new games of off the disc with full online capability and access to PSN? I don't want to have to do anything complicated or tedious (like constant updates to make new games work, etc.)?


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You will be able to play new (backed up) games if you get a dongle or be patient. For now CFW users can access PSN and play online with most games with a few exceptions but it probably won't last for too long.

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    Veritas05 Guest
    So then if I just want to get games and play them as intended, it's probably best to just update to the latest FW?

    Are launch PS3's with old FW still installed in demand in the market right now? I hate to ruin a good CFW candidate.

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    elser1 Guest
    not really. any ps3 can be downgraded to what ever fw you want now. with exception of newer models. i'd just decide what you want to do with your gaming. online or offline old or dongle and messing around with patches or disc games.. up to you.

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    Veritas05 Guest
    Thanks to both of you. I'll have to think this one over.

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    elser1 Guest
    cool. just make sure to make the right decision as it will be a mission to downgrade fw tho with soldering on your ps3 etc. you can pay someone to do it too. like racer who is great at it.

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    Wile E Guest
    I broke down and just updated my 60GB launch console. I don't intend to play backups, so all I would use CFW for is emulators and possibly killing Cinavia, and I never use my linux install anymore, so having new games working and guaranteed access to my Netflix finally overrode my irritation at feature loss.

    But you can bet I'll go CFW if someone can figure out how to make an up to date CFW.

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    niwakun Guest
    buying a separate PS3 for Official things will kill all your doubts. Having a CFW capable PS3 and a Official one is the best. Although it will cost you a little more penny, but PS3 is not that expensive anymore anyway.

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