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    sangimed Guest

    I got LV0 or LV0.2 in my ps3 help ?

    Hi all, I got a ps3 slim 320 GB it's a CECH-2504B with date Code 1B

    So the question is: do I have the lv0 or lv0.2 ? metldr or metldr 2 ?


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    BluRay Guest
    Pretty sure CECH-251x are the ones that might have Lv0.2, 2511 and 2512 are Lv0, not sure if 13+ are Lv0.2.

    If your PS3 comes with 3.55 OFW or lower, then It does have 3.55 OFW, but I can guarantee your model has those, so feel free to downgrade, use CFW or w/e.

    Btw, CECH-xxxxL. L = A or B. If A = 160gb, if B = 320gb

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    sangimed Guest
    With Minvercheck I got 3.60 so it is not possible for me to downgrade :S and I got Date CODE 1B (1=2011, B= April, May, June) and they said that all the models after april have the lv0.2

    I didn't know that thank you

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    BluRay Guest
    There are a few 1B that can be downgraded, I thought all of them could. I was wrong with the only 251x+ not being downgradable too, sorry for the wrong info.

    EDIT: Just found this.

    6A - Downgradable (Never Produced?) 6B - Downgradable (Never Produced?) 6C - Downgradable (Never Produced?) 6D - Downgradable 7A - Downgradable 7B - Downgradable 7C - Downgradable 7D - Downgradable 8A -Downgradable 8B - Downgradable 8C - Downgradable 8D - Downgradable 9A - Downgradable 9B - Downgradable 9C - Downgradable (Slim Introduction?) 9D - Downgradable 0A - Downgradable 0B - Downgradable 0C -Downgradable 0D - Downgradable 1A - Downgradable (Factory Firmware 3.55 and lower only!) 1B - NOT Downgradable 1C - NOT Downgradable (Not out yet?) 1D - NOT Downgradable (Not out yet?)

    I knew at least some 1B were downgradable since a friend has one with that DC and already downgraded It.

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    sangimed Guest
    Okay thanks but the question is: do I have lv0 ?

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    BluRay Guest
    Oh, sorry, I thought you knew the answer by now. If Min FW version is higher then 3.55, you got Lv0.2.

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