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Thread: I can't run a PS3 game help?

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    Aiden2k13 Guest

    Question I can't run a PS3 game help?

    Hello all , I am on 4.46 and I have a bluray game disc (metal gear solid) inside my ps3 and I am trying to run GOD OF WAR ASCENSION.

    But whenever I try to run it via changing settings to BD MIRROR and GAME DISC, it only shows the DUPLEX LOGO and comes back to the XMB DASHBOARD.

    Can anyone help me on how to get this thing working ?

    Thank you

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    jensen76 Guest
    try to see if there is an opdate fore the game. install that and try again.

    you have it in internal harddrive?

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    Aiden2k13 Guest
    I have the game in my external hard drive and yes it copied some files at the very beginning into the internal drive and just now it gives the DUPLEX LOGO and comes back to XMB

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    Undertaker0885 Guest
    Push once again to the disk, then it should go the same problem had

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    I had to copy it to the internal drive to get it to work

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    Liongooder Guest
    I think you have a corrupt backup of the game, happened to me & i had to redownload another fine proper release of the game or maybe you have some missing files of the game, the size of the game is 35.06 GB including the PUP update & without it it its 34.81 also my region is BCES01741 so check your game size just to be sure, btw my BD game is MGS4 Guns of the Patriots too & the game is working just fine.

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    silencephaze Guest
    try restoring your ps3 it might work.

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