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Thread: I can't put PS3 into service mode again?

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    ichibaka Guest

    I can't put PS3 into service mode again?

    I have a ps3 firmware 3.50 and teensy++ 2.0. I downloaded and programmed psgrade teensy++ 2.0 16mhz hex file onto it and it booted my ps3 into service mode fine. I then proceeded to follow all steps, format usb stick to fat32, put in lv2diag.self and modified 3.41 PUP into the root, and proceeded to downgrade as instructed.

    Thing went wrong and it got stuck at the final step, green light keep blinking for a very long time. I had to turn off manually and restart, but then it became semi-bricked and won't turn on. I had to go into recovery mode and reinstall official 3.50 firmware.

    Basically now it's a fresh 3.50 install and it won't go back to service mode anymore. I tried variations of timing of power + eject press but no avail.

    Fixed the service mode by reprogramming psgrade again. However PS3 still hang at last step of downgrading with green light blinking very long and not shut down.

    my ps3 is a the 40gb discontinued model.

    edit2: trying to downgrade again this time it's fubar and I can't even get it into recovery mode. It just turn off after the 2 beeps.

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    Pool Guest
    you should have a log file on your usb stick. This will tell you where it has failed if it has.

    Attach it and someone on this forum should be able to help. My first question is are you 100% sure you've used the modified 3.41? If you don't use this file then it causes a blinking green light and a failed downgrade.

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    ichibaka Guest
    edit: got it working again; apparently it was still in service mode so I replaced the 3.41 PUP with 3.50 and it flash back to 3.50 fresh again.

    I redownloaded from another reputable source and it works fine this time so yeah that must have been a dud the first time. Anyway I'm back to 3.41 and happy homebrewing.

    so how do I change my first post to Answered?

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    CJPC Guest
    Good that you got it working, I marked your post answered, but in the future, every post has a 'Mark Best Answer' button right above and below the username of the poster.

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