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Thread: Hulu on the ps3 over VPN possible ?

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    ahasverus Guest

    Hulu on the ps3 over VPN possible ?

    Well as everybody knows hulu is available to ps3 and to us only.

    I have managed to watch it by the VPN method, using OpenVPN with AceVPN here. It works great in my computer but I would like to improve that over my ps3 in my living room.

    Is it possible ?

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    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    I suggest trying PlayOn as it does Hulu, netflix and so much more for an AIO solution and works with any CFW as it is streamed from your PC over your local network. Works great wireless.

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    ahasverus Guest
    The problem with playon is that there is no hacked version.

    I would need to pay netflix + hulu plus + playon and that's a lot.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    try to make your computer as a media server and stream hulu over it via wifi to the ps3... that shud let you play hulu on the ps3... hope i helped.

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    blazeking Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ahasverus View Post
    The problem with playon is that there is no hacked version.

    I would need to pay netflix + hulu plus + playon and that's a lot.
    Tversity Pro?

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    CJPC Guest
    Your best bet may be to use a PC that is configured to use the VPN, and then share the internet connection from it, or use some HW that allows VPN access - you might even be able to do it with some routers. But if not, check the used cisco market, things tend to be reasonably priced!

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    NCSUfan Guest
    It would be nice if they didnt region lock these things, but since 2/3s of the links on don't work in the US (bbc player and a ton of asia servers) I'm ok with hulu returning the favor.

    I have hulu+ and don't like the idea of everyone globally being able to access it and lower my streaming rates for a service I pay for, especially with everyone outside the USA locking us out of their servers.

    an eye for a eye i suppose.

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    oldcrunchy Guest


    USA gets HEAPS more content then anywhere else in the world, greedy old america. most of the people here are about sharing content

    I think if you can get the Channel Manager software working (I never could) you can add the URLs to the XMB no worries.

    Then as the others have said you'd need to VPN from a PC (share net connection) or a capable router would be better, that way you can create an access list so the PS3 will only talk to the web streams and won't go off to Sony for accidental updates or remote brickings!

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    HoffMark Guest
    Hulu is not only available on PS3 but also easy to get hulu outside US if the user is not in USA. The connectivity is necessary with router and vpn server.

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