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Thread: HTC HERO help please?

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    geebeegoner Guest

    HTC HERO help please?

    Ok i haven't updated anything from the start. So i'm using the original back up manager and the first htc hack on my HTC HERO phone.

    Just wondering if anybody can show me how to update my phone to the lastest, and which backup manager is best. Is it possible too play the latest 3.42/3.50 games? Can you now add updates to games now for move?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks for looking

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    trashchris Guest
    are you using a recovery image? if so which 1? it is usually possible to just update the payload in the image you have but would need to know what you have at the moment?

    there are currently various versions of gia manager and open backup manager but again depending on your payload you may get better results with 1 over the other. you can now play new releases such as ea mma and moh, again depending on your payload and backup manager, some if not all the games can now be updated via retail updates with the correct setup.

    so start with letting us know what you are using and what you wish to achieve games wise.

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    geebeegoner Guest
    trashchris this is the flash i'm going to be using 24-sept-psfreedom-hero_gsm & the first released backup manager.

    Is this the best one?

    Edit: OK i have just updated the image on my htc, and i now see the option to add custom payloads to it. Which is the best payload to use?

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