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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] How is your PS3 hooked up?


    I just want to know what are the hook-ups for the PS3 of everyone. I have a PS3 connected to a LCD Monitor, Samsung SyncMaster 940bw @ 720p. This monitor is 19" widescreen.

    I bought a HDMI to DVI cable, on, for a very cheap price, with a great quality. The resolution is great, I recommend people using HD if they can, with monitors or HDTV's.

    I use for audio a Sony Home Theater connected with the optical out of the PS3.

    What are your hookups???


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    mine's similar but 37" tv, and i have an hdmi cable with a dvi adapter when i take it to a relative's who has 62 inch 1080p :/ i use optical cable to logitech surround and dvi on my westinghouse. just an hdmi cable at relative's

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    Apr 2005
    RCA here...

    If I had a receiver and some speakers I'd just use the computer monitor and the digital out for sound.

    Stuck with 480i at the moment.

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    im also using hdmi to dvi on a samsung 26in crt hdtv 720p looks nice but the 360 is still better its got games and rumble

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    HDMI out to my philips 30" widescreen CRT at 1080i.
    optical out to my onkyo receiver.
    sound stereo klipsch bookself

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    When I get a PS3 (March 23rd) I'll be using HDMI to my 42" LG LCD. 720p to my TVs native res of 1366x768.

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    My ps3 is connected to my Dell 2407WFP tft, running at 1080p of course Via DVI-D

    My sound goes via toslink optical to my Creative Inspire 5700 DTS decoder for true surround (5.1)

    My PC and 360 are also wired up to the same screen. I'll take photos sometime and post them.

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    Got my PS 3 hooked up to a 26" Samsung HD-LCD-TV @1080i using HDMI. Currently the sound also goes over HDMI and than from TV to my Creative Inspire GD580... So right now I only have Dolby Pro logic 2, but soon I'll go get a Optical cabel selector in order to connect both the 360 aswell as the PS 3 to the Decoder...
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    I'm using a Samsung 42" HDTV DLP with 1080i max res. it's currently connected by HDMI(PS3) to HDMI(TV).

    Sound is all optical with Panasonic Digital Home Theater 5.1 Sourround Sound.

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    I have the PS3 hooked up to a 47" Panasonic rear projection via DVI. It plays at 1080i and I have the audio hooked up to my surround system via the RCA jacks. I will upgrade my sound later this year and run the optical. Planning on buying a plasma flat screen for my bedroom, so things may change in the next few months. My birthday is in April. Happy Birthday to me!

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