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    leafman Guest

    Red Face How to use ps3 to watch movies from the Internet?

    I am new and could not find the information I was looking for. I tried to use the internet on the ps3 and watch movies on my tv but when I clicked on the movie to watch it would not do anything. I did the same thing on my computer and it works. Wondering if I have to download something first to be able to watch the movies.


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    jonsharky Guest
    If i am not mistaken, the current PS3 browser does not allow viewing of movies on ie. hulu/youtube yet.

    However, If u do have a avi/mpeg/divx movie clip file, you can easily insert your media or any USB media card reader and important thing is to select "TRIANGLE" to "display all information" to browse all files on your disk.

    The rest is ez peasy.


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    DemonSeed Guest
    You can watch youtube from your ps3 browser. They specifically made this url for that: http://www.youtube.com/tv

    As for hulu, I think they may be checking your browser type (whether you're running from ps3) so you'll probably need to run it through a proxy that can change your user-agent headers.

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