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    MrFRENZY Guest

    How to use PS3 FTP help?

    Hi everyone i am new to all of this but basically to cut along story short i have done alot of searching on this site and i cant put my finger on what i need...

    ok so i just bought a jailbroken ps3 running on 3.55 and i already have multiman installed on there (which i don't know how to use lol) and i believe i need to try and learn how to use ftp to access my locked/copy protected saves from the ps3 cloud as i am already familiar on what to do with them once i can get them on my laptop if this site can help me then i will be able to share these saves with the community or more specifically with the people who spend time to explain to me or share links for tutorials that i can understand.

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    hilongo Guest
    First thing ... you have to setup your PS3 to connect with your home network.

    Next... find out which IP number has been assigned to your PS3 ('Settings' and then 'System info' If I recall correctly)

    Launch Multiman (maybe you should check if the FTP service is enabled in the Settings)

    Then, on your Laptop you can try putting something like this on your browser:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    if you see some folders, then the connection has been established

    Optional but recommended, Download a FTP client to do the file copying (Filezilla is free and great)

    Hope this help!

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    MrFRENZY Guest
    yeh that is great i managed to get that much working with my friend here but now i am having difficulty trying to connect to the psn network so i can download my saves to my 3.55 (from the ps3 cloud) then ftp them to my lappy... this shit iz crazy yo lol...

    so basically i need to know which program is curently the easiest to connect to the psn network i have been reading about FCKPSN and others like psn pup or something..?

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    hilongo Guest

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    I don't think reactpsn is going to help him connect to PSN and download his cloud saves. If you're on 3.55 I believe the only way you can get on PSN is: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post436835 or one of the posts below that one.

    Although I'm sure you could upgrade to 4.21.1 Rebug and access PSN that way. I'm pretty sure you can't access psn with FCKPSN or any other proxy method anymore.

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    hilongo Guest
    Sorry ... my bad. It's was late and I was way pass my bed time! Didn't read his post well.

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