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    bb01 Guest

    How to Use Flip 3.4.2 With PS3Key?

    Ok folks, going to try to explain this, so that any answers we get can then help other people out in the future..

    I've bought my ps3key & has been working fine, however even with there newest update it still doesn't have the hermes v3.

    Therefore i've been reading up about the ps3key & trying to find out a way of using hex with it.

    So far i've found out that the best program to use is the flip 3.4.2, with the settings for Atmega32U2, This is where the 1st problem happens, when you click the USB connect in flip, it gives an error missing AtLibUsbDfu.dll. Have checked to see & it is there, so i copied the file to System32 (Using Win7) & still no luck..

    So 1st question is how to fix this.. Then once i've got this working.. Can someone confirm that Minimus AVR USB Hex code will work on the PS3Key, if i'm reading right, then it should be the right one..

    So 2nd Question is.. If the hex code for the Minimus AVR USB is the right one to use with the PS3Key, then we should be able to update it to the newest Hermes & be able to do what everyone else can do, is this right. Or do we have to do something else with the PS3Key?

    Thank you for your help with this..

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    EiKii Guest
    i'm looking into this to, but my problem is that windows won't let me choose drivers, it does automaticly and apparently that can't be changed in home premium windows, but i dont have any problem with flip except it wont connect to the key, and thats becouse windows install wrong drivers.

    i'm running genuine windows 7 home premium 64bit, But i think if you do flash it with something else, i heard you cant go back.

    But i'm thinking if i should buy another key to have original, haven't really decided yet, first of i need to install windows ultimate or similar so i can install right drivers, i had no luck running flip in linux

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    bb01 Guest
    I'm running windows 7 Ultimate & still having problems.. Seems the PS3 Key Team, say its beast to do it under winXP

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    ricky68 Guest
    the boot loader was crypted by ps3team key, the last solution will be a physical operation on the dongle or decrypted the boot loader ... i hope that flashing with a .hex will go quickly

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    jasmart Guest
    The solution to this is as follows;

    1) Any hex compatible with Teensy 1.0 will work (you correctly state the chip OP)
    2) "People can install HEX files onto PS3Key by erasing the PS3Key bootloader using the Atmel programming software. It's a one-way process, though. They won't be able to make it into a PS3Key again afterwards!"

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    ricky68 Guest
    the ps3key is not recognised by windows, explain me who can you erase ps3key bootloader with the flip sotfware?

    when you talk atmel progarmming you talk about flip??

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    Luckluka Guest
    To get PS3Key recognized by windows.

    You will need to plug it, then unplug it, then plug it, then unplug it and plug it again, It will then go into programming mode. Windows will not find any drivers, so you will install them, BUT i DO NOT recommend erasing PS3Key's bootloader!

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    EiKii Guest
    yes but my problem was that windows did install drivers automaticly but i did choose find auto, and in home premium you cant change windows behavior, on ultimate u can choose for windows not to install them wich makes possible to choose drivers.

    and yea i said so u cant go back if you flash it, but at least im thinking maybe to buy another key l8r on, just to be able to use their releases.

    But be aware that if you removes the current flash, its gone no more support from ps3key team.

    yes FLIP software but you need to put it in programming mode, insert/remove like 4 times until both leds lit up when inserted. (must be done i think within 10sec)

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    autumncowboy Guest
    So I'm confused :-)

    --> Teensy V1 == AT90USB162 @ 16MHz // 16Kb flash
    --> Minimus AVR & PS3Key? == ATMEGA32U2 @ 16MHz // 32Kb flash

    Then there is the question of getting the LEDs working on the PS3Key.

    Fingers crossed that the PS3Key team are busy putting together an update.

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    bb01 Guest
    well i did buy 2 keys, one as a spare & thats why i'm looking at being able to flash one, as there updates still dont have the hermes payload v3..

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