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Thread: How to Use Flip 3.4.2 With PS3Key?

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    ricky68 Guest
    it does not matter anymore, my 60go just turned the ylod, after 3 years, it's crap.

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    bb01 Guest

    missing ps3key driver for windows 7 for flip 3.4.2?

    So far i've found out that the best program to use is the flip 3.4.2, with the settings for Atmega32U2, This is where the 1st problem happens, when you click the USB connect in flip, it gives an error missing AtLibUsbDfu.dll. Have checked to see & it is there, so i copied the file to System32 (Using Win7 Ultimate) & now it says that it can run the usb, but now cannot open the ps3key..

    So the question is how to fix this..

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    ricky68 Guest
    so i have tested to make the key in program mod, she it's recognised by windows and installed the good drivers, but, in flip i have a error message " could not open usb device". I have try to windows xp and windows 7 32 bits

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    jasmartin Guest
    Guys, read the post I made on the other page, fourth down or something.

    Straight from PS3Key themselves - Once you have it recognised by Windows then open the Flip software and have to erase their custom bootloader. Once that is done you can use flip to install new hex files. This has effectively turned the PS3Key into an AVRKey (same hardware just without a their custom bootloader).

    Please confirm and then this post can be marked answered.

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    ricky68 Guest
    i have try sometimes and i can't erase the bootloader, more i can't do, if somebody can try i don't work for my

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    EiKii Guest
    same i havent had any luck erasing the bootloader either, hell wont even get good drivers to it :S

    so im lost would like some more explanation how to remove it.

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    ricky68 Guest
    ok, i told myself that don't work with flip,i have try several times without result

    thank you to have contacted the ps3key team

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