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    phaji Guest

    Confused How to upgrade from hacked PS3 3.41 to 3.55?

    It's been a long time since I hacked my PS3 with my TI-84 calculator and I've forgotten pretty much everything. Anyhow it's summer now and I wanted to play some games, but it looks like alot of them will only work on 3.55 and it also looks like 3.55 is what every else is on.

    Basically, I'm a n00b who forgot everything. How do I upgrade from 3.41 to 3.55 without upgrading through PSN and then downgrading and redoing the whole jailbreak process?

    Thanks guys.

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    elser1 Guest
    all you will need to do is install 3.55 cfw of your choice and get yourself a backup manager etc. i'd suggest the latest rebug 3.55 cfw and the latest multiman myself. good luck

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    phaji Guest
    Yeah I've got multiman already. And yeah that's the part I don't know how to do. How do I install a 3.55 CFW?

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    elser1 Guest
    you will need a usb stick.min say 250mb (.pup or update file should be around 180mb) on the usb stick make folders like this. PS3 then inside PS3 make a folder called UPDATE must all be capital letters to.

    now you will have to decide the cfw you want to install.i personally like rebug 3.55.2 myself but kmeaw 3.55 is good too.its totally up to you.

    when you have decided search on ps3news in the cfw section and download the cfw. you really want to get your cfw .pup from somewhere safe and reputable as it could be totally fake or anything if you get it surfing some dodgey site.

    OK so you will download a .pup file (you may need to unrar etc) then put the .pup onto the usb stick inside the UPDATE folder then plug the usb stick into your ps3 and goto manually update firmware by usb in settings on xmb. it will install and you will be on 3.55 cfw

    good luck

    any questions just ask, im tired as so sorry if this is hard to follow.. LOL

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You go to system update in the settings tab and then choose update from storage media device. Make sure you have the update file like this (PS3/UPDATE/UPDAT.PUP) on an ext. HDD.

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    elser1 Guest
    well said. LMAO

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    bashtem Guest
    it is pretty simple just search ps3news for waninkoko custom firmware for ps3 and viola install through recovery mode and you are good to go

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    phaji Guest
    alright sounds good, thanks guys.

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