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Thread: How to Upgrade to 3.41 firmware only

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    GritHub Guest

    How to Upgrade to 3.41 firmware only


    i have a question regarding the PS3 firmware. So i just bought a new PS3 and it prompts me to upgrade the firmware. Since it's brand new, it will inevitably be upgraded to 3.42 (if i go to PSN). Meanwhile if i don't go to PSN i will stuck with its current firmware. How ever i want to stick with 3.41 since 3.42 version contains lots of problems.

    So can any of you tell me how it can be done? And in case of i do something stupid, how can i downgrade to 3.41 firmware?

    by the way, i know that we have firmware section here where ppl can download any version of firmware.

    I just don't know how to upload it into my PS3.

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    hateero Guest
    yes if u go online then it will keep prompting for 3.42, you can't downgrade - if i have e.g. 3.40 (like i have, brand new 320gb move pack ps3) you simply put update file on usb.

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    worstenbroodje Guest
    you cant downgrade. Download the 3.41 firmware on your pc, take a usb flash drive. Make a folder called PS3. In that folder make a folder called UPDATE and place the file in there. Put the stick in your ps3. select update from external device (or someting if i rememberd the name correctly) and install the firmware.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    You do realize it you only go to 3.41 then you won't be able to access any online functions, except the browser i think.

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    Fluffy Guest
    I'm guessing you want to jailbreak. There is a way to get online with 3.41 firmware. I've heard about it. And why do you guys think there are still modded lobbies in MW2?

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    humi Guest
    the proxy bypass doesn't work anymore... rolleyes:

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    grudge1981 Guest
    there are modded lobbies because people swap the patch file for MW2 while on 3.41, then update to 3.42, letting them keep the files they swapped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GritHub View Post
    I just don't know how to upload it into my PS3.
    Update using a PC:

    Update using disc media:

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