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Thread: How to Updates Games on my JB PS3?

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    razor1993 Guest
    you did it man!!! thx this was the Best answer! Thex everyone hwo Helped!

    Sorry i have a last question!!! i Downloaded a Patch but its for the USA region of the game. but i have an EUR region of the Game? can i Install the USA Update Patch on my EUR Game or better not??

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    Riffles21 Guest
    You can install the US update, but it won't affect your EUR game for the simple reason that it has a different region than the update.

    So you have to take the update which has the same region as your game, otherwise it won't work.

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    razor1993 Guest
    Ok i tried to install the Patch files with the ending .PKG from here : and if i Boot my PS3 with PSgroove and scroll to the Option "Install packages" and click install the .PKG patch file, it occur an error that i cant install this Pkg.

    What can i do to fix this?

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    modmate Guest
    Yes , these are RETAIL PKG`S you cannot install. Try these DEBUG PKG`S right here. These are fine to install.

    Greets Modmate

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