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    technopenguin Guest

    Question How to update PS3 from 3.41 jailbreak to 3.55 OFW help?

    Hi guys i want to know how to update my ps3 from 3.41 (with a jailbreak dongle) to 3.55 OFW safely and once there at OFW, format my hard disk and restore my ps3 to factory settings.

    i would like to know a safe way to do this and ensure no bricks or bans of my ps3 as after i have gone to 3.55 OFW i would like to update to the latest 4.31 firmware to play with my friends online and yes i am aware of the fact that updating past 3.55 means there will be no dongle or cfw compatibility.

    Some background information about my ps3 is

    when i insert my jailbreak and do the old power eject trick my ps3 boots successfully and allows me to use hombrew although oddly it does spoof my ps3 to 3.55 when my ps3 is in fact not 3.55 but, 3.41 when i boot without the dongle.

    also multiman works correctly and backups i have made all function with the correct eboot fixes, multiman does work without the dongle but an error comes up when i start it and i cant launch any games because the correct files to make the game backups work are not present without the dongle but movies music etc work within multiman. the reason i mentioned this is because i am not sure if multiman should even boot without the dongle hence makes me think that some alterations have been done to the firmware when it was jailbroken which then makes me ask will it brick when updating.

    I have various other homebrew such as blackbox, open manager, backup manager, psn duplex cracked games and various game fixes eg: batman arkham city by zombie killa

    i also have two corrupted files in my ps3s installed data files came from gt5 and mortal kombat i case that matters so basically what i am is asking is how to make my ps3 like it was when it came from the factory (completely stock not even a slight trace of modding,if possible) so i can ply with my friends

    also since i used a dongle am i still on ofw, if any more info is needed just tell me and i'll post it

    any help will be greatly appreciated

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    hilongo Guest
    So ... you are ready to leave the CFW wagon ... you are the first one I have ever met (unless you have a second PS3 with CFW)...

    Well ... Since there is no much info about this, cause your case is a rare one ... I will try to give you my opinion instead of a guide ...

    If you want to go all the way to 4.31 ... I think it will safe for you to take out the dongle (maybe delete those corrupt game files) connect your PS3 to the Internet ... wait for it to tlle you that you need a system update ... and update it to the latest OFW straight up ...

    I don't know why would you want to go to 3.55 first if you are not planning on use CFW anymore ...

    Be advised that, from 3.55 you could also install a 4.X CFW and access the online games (but with a small ban risk, I give you that) and still be able (like in the Rebug one) to downgrade to 3.55 really fast

    Anyway, hope this helps you at least a little! Let us know how it went!


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    racer0018 Guest
    Good post. But i have to agree with hilongo. If you go higher on cfw you will still be able to connect and get the things that you would like out of the ps3. On top of being able to go to 4.30 cfw or 4.21 cfw you will still be able to get on psn with risk. Also the new cfw there is no need to have that 3.41 dongle. thanks

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    You can also install SEN Enabler 4.31 on 3.55 CFW to Play online on PSN.Check out this Thread.

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    technopenguin Guest
    Thanks a lot guys really helped i haven't tried it out yet but i'll post back when i do i couldn't find much information about this anywhere on the internet.

    And about cfw 4.x i knew about it but didn't want to take the chance of a ban plus i think i am done with cfw, dex etc if i was going to mod it would probably be through a dongle but all thats available is this and drm infected dongles which is a definite no no.

    so yeah. thanks again although i do have one last thing to ask is it safe updating with all my homebrew which brings me to why i wanted 3.55 since this was thought to be a safer update procedure with homebrew.

    Also another thing hilingo is i cant delete the corrupt data should this be of concern. i checked out sen enabler it wont work on my ps3 its for 3.55 but thanks anyway

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    BluRay Guest
    tech, I fail to understand you. You don't want to use Sen Enabler just because you don't want to install 3.55 CFW? That doesn't make sense at all since there is no drawback to using 3.55 CFW, as opposed to 3.55+ CFW. Sen Enabler isn't the only choice, Rebug Tool Box on a 3.55.3 Rebug CFW is good enough, just set mode to REBUG instead of normal, but obviously, you'll require 3.55 for that too.

    As for getting banned, you can always unban yourself and If you're afraid of getting banned again, you could easily get to OFW. BTW, If you still plan on going to OFW, try deleting all the homebrew and games in your hdd before that so you won't have to reformat your HDD later.

    EDIT: I've been playing online on CFW everytime I can using original games BD, maybe thats a good way to avoid bans, or maybe I'm just lucky.

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    technopenguin Guest
    Thanks BluRay for the help but thing is i am done with cfw all i want to know is whether i can format my hard disk now or after the update. sounds compelling keeping the mods and playing online but believe me you don't have the hassle i have with my ps3, encountered a lot of problems. plus i got my xbox for backups so i just want a clean ps3

    i do want to format hard drive because of corrupted data etc

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    ROOKI3 Guest
    to be in the safe side. i would format before upgrading.. cause you don't want to get banned, i did and lost everything that i bought from psn

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    windrider42 Guest
    In XMB on 3.41 select RESTORE PS3 under settings TAB

    This will restore to factory default

    Then update too latest firmware.

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    zippus1233 Guest
    Hello i have problem i have ps3 with 4.31 i want downgrade but in usb is firmware from 3.55 but don't see update ??

    I don't now what i must do help me

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