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    How to Update Pro Evolution Soccer 2011?

    Hey folks,

    i got a little question. I've got Pro Evo 2011 and when i want to install the 1.01 Update, the Game won't start anymore.
    This is how i did it:

    -Deleted everything from Pro Evo 2011 in the Gamefolder
    -Install the DEBUG 1.01 Update from Pro Evo with *Install Package Files

    But obviously it does not work =D

    Is there a possibility to update the Game?

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    You nead to FTP or use a filemanager and replace the EBOOT.BIN from the updated folder in ps3 HD with that..


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    I think this got already answered today. Just download the patched EBOOT.BIN file and replace it with the one in your PES folder. I did that today, and the game is now showing me v1.01

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